Small Town Saturday night fun!

This weekend, a group of us decided to venture out for a little fun in Elk Rapids, Michigan.  There’s simply nothing to dislike about this place!  So here’s a review of the two places we went!

Dinner and Cocktails:  Siren Hall

Siren Hall has a warm comfortable bar area with cozy seating (couches and coffee tables!) that friends can gather around for predinner drinks.  This makes for a great atmosphere for Happy Hour.  My drink of choice was the Orange Blossom, a refreshing sweet vodka drink that brings back memories of the ice cream truck… Yes, it tastes a lot like an Orange Sherbet Push up!  I’ll be storing that in my memory for this summer for sure.

For dinner, I had an amazing Michigan White Cheddar Salad with local apples, dried, cherries, pecans, and greens, with a wonderful balsamic vinaigrette.  Next time, I will order this for sure… and maybe add some chicken to make it a meal!  It’s a really nice size salad.

My entree…  I was in pasta mode, so I opted for the four cheese penne’ pasta.  This dish was simply delicious with its mix of Gouda, Colby, Mozzarella and Provolone Cheeses, all topped and baked to crisp with herb breadcrumbs.

Bottom line on this dish:  Perfection in comfort food!

Overall, Siren Hall was a bit pricey, but the atmosphere and the food was totally worth it!  I give it 5 stars.  The service was pretty great too.

Local Concert at the Historic Elk Rapids Town Hall:

When I think of the Elk Rapids Town Hall, I think way back to the 6th grade production of the Wizard of Oz, put on by the Class of 1983.  So walking into this beautifully restored 135 year old building did bring back some really fun memories!

The Band:  Chicago/Traverse City Based Stolen Silver.   Levi Britton, Dan Myers, and Christopher Sterr put on a fantastic show!  Their indie/folk sound seems to be influenced by the likes of Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Lionel Ritchie, with a bit of Jimmy Buffet thrown in the mix.  Our group really enjoyed it.  Click on their link in this paragraph to check out their great sound!

Note to self:  Keep an eye on the event schedule for the Elk Rapids Town Hall…  They have great shows coming in the future!

That’s all for today’s lunchtime blog… Enjoy this Northern Michigan Sunshine!

Welcome to this thing I call my life… :)

I grew up in idealistic small town America, aka Elk Rapids, Michigan.  This place is known for its beautiful Caribbean blue water lakes, friendly neighborhoods, and educational excellence (maybe I’m just a little biased on those opinions… ).  My best friends still live there, just as I live close to the area.  The cold gloomy winters drive me crazy, but the rest of the seasons are simply amazing!  The friends from here who have moved away, all come back in the best of seasons for visits.  We all gather in town for fun and laughter…  these are the kind of friendships that last a lifetime.

Of course, there are other parts of my life that are great too…  and I assure you throughout this blog process, I will definitely write about them… and post pictures!  I love taking pictures, so be on the lookout for some fun photo’s!  I’ve become addicted to travel and learning as much about the places I go as I can.  This years adventures include Chicago, IL, Nashville, TN, Greenville, NC, and of course, the Southern Tier of New York, where my family business has a remote office.  Of course, in the winter season, I may have to slip in a week or two of the glorious sunshine in the Southwest Florida region as well!

Is my life perfect?  Absolutely not… and on occasion, I may be inclined to write about those imperfections.  Just a heads up…  I occasionally suffer from situational depression and general anxiety.  I have my coping mechanisms, which usually consist of the “grab life head on and shake it as hard as you can” method.  Sometimes I piss people off… sometimes people piss me off… It’s life!  All you can do is be the best person you can be the next day when you wake up.