A Moveable Feast: A Brief History of the Revolving Restaurant

What’s your favorite rooftop revolving restaurant?  Mine was always the top of the Ren Cen in Detroit…  Source: A Moveable Feast: A Brief History of the Revolving Restaurant


Oh Nashville… how I love you so!

Last weekend I visited one of my favorite towns in the whole world… Nashville, TN!  I don’t know if its the music, the downtown stretch of Honky Tonk’s on Broadway Avenue, or the history behind the town.  But everything about this wonderful place keeps me coming back for more.  I’m pretty sure this weekend was about my 15th visit. This is a group of friends that joined me… I’ve known them since elementary school…  img_5812

Elements of my visit included Music, History, and Honky Tonk…  along with a little shopping thrown in for good measure.

SHOPPING SPOT!  Opry Mill’s Outlet Mall…  Yep.  It’s big, and it’s got a giant Bass Pro Shop…  along with some fantastic boot stores…  I came home with some fun additions to my wardrobe!

HONKY TONK!  Walk up the Streets of Broadway… there’s no end to the fun.  My personal favorite:  the four level Honky Tonk Central.  There’s a different band on each level… and dancing galore!  A few worthwhile stops… George Jones Country (Love that Red Chevy… and the Stilson girl’s polka on the way out the door), Margaritaville, Nudie’s Rooftop for great views, Acme Feed and Seed… the list goes on!  (How do I get this truck out of here without getting caught??? )img_5813

HISTORY!  Our group took a day to drive off the beaten path…  we toured out to Barbara Mandrel’s Fontanel Mansion, which was closed for a private event.  But we did stop to enjoy some wine and cider tasting and gift shopping.  Next time, we will call ahead to make sure the mansion is open to the public… it looks like its worth a tour!

Next we drove towards the Hermitage, General/President Andrew Jackson’s Home and now Museum.  This amazing  estate is over 1000 acres of rolling green country side.  We witnessed a reenactment of a gentlemen’s duel, and learned about the elements leading up to a duel.  Then we wandered the estate on a self guided tour, and through the beautiful mansion, and back through the slave quarters.  Yes, Andrew Jackson was a slave owner.  It was a different time in his day, and a big part of this country’s history that we cannot erase.  Overall, we learned that he was an interesting character with a wealth of friends surrounding him.  Many of his slaves continued on working for him after they were freed, including “Uncle Alfred” who served as the Hermitage Caretaker until his death in 1901.

MUSIC!  Everywhere you go in Nashville, there is music…  The town and its surrounding suburbs are loaded with untapped talent.  A visit to Nashville is never complete without a visit to the Grand Ole Opry.  Every time you enter, it shoots a ray of excitement through your core… like going to church on Sunday.  No matter how big or unknown the performers are, there never really is a bad show at the Opryhouse.  img_5811

Oh yes… and how could I forget the Country Music Hall of Fame!  The History of Country Music is showcased in this beautiful facility….  along with Elvis’s famous Solid Gold Cadillac, and Webb Pierce’s pimped out Bonneville…  They sure don’t make cars like that anymore!

Nashville…  you never disappoint! I’m sure I will be back!  <3


This thing called Hurricane Harvey…

Our country is divided by politics…  But when disaster hits, we show our best.  We pull together to come to the aid of everyone.  Lines of traffic flow out of every state in the direction of Houston this week, hauling boats, trailers full of supplies, and helpful citizens ready to come to the aid of people left in the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

In August of 2004, Hurricane Charlie slammed into the Gulf Coast of Southwestern Florida.  Three months afterwards I went on a trip to Florida to visit my family.  The quaint town of Punta Gorda had been transformed into what looked like a war zone.  Blue tarps covered holes in roofs of homes awaiting reconstruction… 12 foot piles of scrap metal lined the streets next to what used to be a mobile home park…  homes with major damage had been spray painted with insurance company names and policy numbers for adjusters to locate.   Reconstruction literally took years.  The community banded together in the days following.  Soup kitchens popped up in the parks.  Truckloads of supplies showed up in town for distribution to families in need.  Neighbors checked on neighbors.  The town of Punta Gorda today stands as a stronger, more beautiful community.

This is going to be Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  Right now, the people in Houston, and every community in the path of Harvey, need our help so they can reconstruct their lives, homes, businesses, and communities.  Humanity is showing its best…  People are putting aside differences to help each other.  It’s a big wake-up call!

Be a part of the solution.  Contribute in any way you can.  Donate clothing, supplies, money, etc…  If everyone that can donated $10.00 to the Red Cross, or Salvation Army, just imagine the difference that can be made.

Best wishes Texas!  #standtogether #makeadifference #wevegotyourback  #i<3texas #donated Read more

This Kalkaska debate… what is it really all about???

Today there’s a protest going down in this small town that I work in.  What’s it really all about?  The Sieting Hotel, in downtown Kalkaska, MI, currently has a sign up that says “Pray for Trump”.  This I understand.  I see no problem with the sign asking to pray for the President of the United States.  However, the owner of the building, and Kalkaska’s Own Village President, Jeff Sieting, has a number of posts on his Facebook page regarding the killing of Muslims, thinning the herd of Black Live’s Matter, etcetera.    His Facebook page is purposely public, NOT PRIVATE.  We all know that these pages can be set to allow only certain audience members to view posts.

So… with that in mind…  We all have that freedom of speech, no matter what our position is.  However, as a public official, Jeff Sieting has purposely endangered his community by publicizing his opinions on his Facebook page.  As a result, several thousand people are coming into this small community, which has a limited police force, to protest his opinions, and to express that he is not a good representative of Kalkaska.  In return, another group is planning an opposition protest to support Mr. Sieting, as a US citizen with 1st Amendment Rights.  This public debate has split the town, and created a “Snowflake’s vs Redneck’s” attitude.  There’s lots of name calling and disrespect, which is creating the worry of violence coming from all of this.

So what is my opinion?  I do know some of the Sieting family… the members that I know are good hardworking people.  Kalkaska is lucky to have them as members of the community.  Kalkaska is a small town, and the majority of its citizens are amazing people.  They deserve a positive representation in public service for their town.  However, Jeff Sieting has not served the best interest of the community by creating this ridiculous spectacle for his own personal interests.  It’s a great disservice to the Kalkaska Community.

No matter which side anyone stands on in this debate, Kalkaska loses.   Can’t we all just go back to worshiping the Trout and enjoying this beautiful part of Michigan?  So go ahead… let the name calling begin.  I don’t live in Kalkaska.  I do work here… and I have many friends who live and work there. So bottom line in all of this, I guess I’m a Registered Republican, Moderate, snowflake, redneck, with a low tolerance for B.S.  Yep…  I’ll spell it out…  This whole situation that has been created is nothing but B U L L S H I T.

Are there any other names anyone would like to throw in?

Of course you should blog!


Have you ever kept a daily journal of thoughts that followed you through the day?  Well, I guess keeping a blog is very similar to that.  Although, I have to admit, I will probably hold back my inner most demons since this blog is open to the public!

Some of my best ideas have come from writing down my thoughts and developing them further.  Whether its telling a story, or making a business plan, it’s always a good idea to jot them down on paper (or in a blog, in this case).  I’ve always found this type of brainstorming very therapeutic and organizational, even when it just starts with writing individual words.

At times those words may start in anger.  That’s where the edit button comes in handy!  An idea that might start with anger, can be developed and edited into a positive.  Deleting the occasional F-Bomb certainly doesn’t hurt the cause.  Of course, reading whats written out loud is a great way to make sure what the writer is trying to say makes sense.  It’s also a great way to catch grammatical errors.   In this way, I find that blogging not only helps strengthen my writing skills, but it is also very therapeutic to my daily thought process.  Take those negatives, and drown them out with positive.  The more positive you get in life, the better life you live… am I wrong?  🙂

So…  should I blog?  Of course I should!  Even if its about silly subjects, like, blogging.