It’s Barkbox day!

My dog is so spoiled… Is $21.00 per month worth it? Let’s see…

She is so happy to get a new box of goodies to destroy each month!

All of of this good stuff… It’s like Christmas once a month!

… And we have a new favorite!

Yes… I give Barkbox five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ So does Daisy!

10 things no one ever told you about being over 50!

  1. You aren’t 25 anymore.  Partying every night just makes you super tired for days on end.

    women holding shot glasses
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  2. You really do get to mow the lawn any way you wish!  Straight lines, circles, figure 8’s… anything goes.  The world will not end.

    garden grass meadow green
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  3. Your doctor will want to see you at least once a year… just to make sure you are still alive!

    stainless steel stethoscope
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  4. Walking is now more fun than running.  Running causes pain…  walking is still a great form of exercise.

    woman in black leggings while walking on brown road
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  5. Visiting the beauty salon now takes more time, because of those pesky gray hairs you have to cover up to stay looking young!

    black salon chairs
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  6. Cold weather brings thoughts of tropical vacations.  Snow is no longer a fun thing!  Sure it’s pretty, but oh so cold!

    snow covered trees
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  7. The old pictures where you thought you looked fat, now suddenly show how amazing you looked in your younger days!

    collection of gray scale photos
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  8. A fun weekend may consist of cleaning out your closets and simplifying your belongings.

    photo of black clothes on hangers
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  9. Your close friends become closer, and more important in your life!

    person gather hand and foot in center
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  10. Life in general becomes more enjoyable!

    person standing on hand rails with arms wide open facing the mountains and clouds
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Ancestry fascination continues…

When I got my DNA results from Ancestry, it matched me up with cousins I never knew.  But one 4th cousin in particular contacted me with quite a story, that we’ve both researched the heck out of!

So, she was adopted at birth, and has never known anything about our family.  However, the DNA results have matched her with cousins, and even an Aunt.  So exciting!  We became Facebook friends, and message back and forth about our findings.  When I look at her pictures, I do see some family resemblance.  It’s kind of freaky, but really cool!

Her next step has been to consult with one of Ancestry’s experts, who has narrowed down to who her biological father may have been… But no DNA is really available, because he hasn’t taken a test.  She is SO CLOSE!!!  I’m finding myself really excited for her.

She was born in 1963, I do know that.  Her DNA results keep matching with people of the surname Kornoelje in the Grand Rapids/Wyoming, MI area, and her father may have that last name.  She has a beautiful family in the Long Island, NY area.  While I’m sure her adoptive parents provided her with a good upbringing and lots of love, I completely understand her wanting to know about her biological family.

It’s a very exciting story… and I got a new cousin out of the deal!