Slow down summertime… slow down, please!

Whew…  sometimes I have the hardest time coming up with a good blog subject.  But this week it dawned on me, as I slipped away from my desk at the end of the day, that we only have 10 more days left of August!  This summer is going by so fast, and soon I’ll be back to finding ways to survive the snow, and cold, with plenty of travel to new and interesting places.  But in the meantime, I’m going to look back and remember what is making this summer one of the best ever.

Glamping!  I’ve had my camper set out at Torch Grove Campground this summer (by Torch Lake, of course).  There’s such a fun group of people that spend the weekends here.  The new friends I’ve made are priceless and fun… Cheers to another month and a half of Glamping fun, campfires, and lake fun!  Oh… and I love the term “Glamping”  (Glamour Camping)…  It’s so much better than sleeping on the ground!  My dog agrees too!38693313_10157318141542069_1771094609921835008_o

Boating… Boating… and more boating… and lots of sand bar time on Torch Lake…  with a bit of swimmers itch thrown in.


The crew at the Torch River Marine has been a great one once again this year.  It’s almost mesmerizing to watch the boats come and go in and out of rack storage.  (Cheers to my favorites, Sabrina, Marlon, Shelby,  Phillip and Taylor, and of course Rebecca, John, Jason, Sarah, Jim, Rachel, Becky and a whole host of others that make the place hustle.)   I may be prejudice (My brother, John, and his friends, Jim Brewer and Jim Ennis make the place rock), but when I stand back and take a good look, they offer five star service, even under pressure of the busiest season of the year.


…  and lets not forget the small town fun, festivals and great friends!  The National Cherry Festival in Traverse City rocked, as usual.  Elk Rapids hosted a great 35th Class Reunion for my fellow alumni, and the Annual Torch Lake fireworks display was amazing, with a fantastic sunset and good fun!


All  that, and somehow, I missed my favorite festival of the year, Elk Rapids Harbor Days…  but I had fun with my visiting long lost sand bar siblings from way back in the 1970’s that week anyway…  I love these guys!


Ohhhhh… and summer’s not over yet.  I can’t give up on it.  There’s more to come for sure!  But I must admit, I’m looking forward to some fall adventures that I have planned.  Just a few places I have scheduled to travel for work and play…  Elmira, NY, Tunkannock, PA, Tinley Park, IL, Lexington, KY, Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Havana, Cuba… and that’s just for fall.  Who knows what winter holds… but I don’t even want to think about snow!

That’s all for now… keep enjoying those summer days as long as we can!!38422392_10157308032517069_878782731469717504_n


So many reasons you should attend your next high school class reunion!

This weekend marked the 35th Reunion of the Elk Rapids High School Class of 1983.  Wow… what a great party of the best people!  So… you may think you don’t want to attend your next class reunion, but think again, because you are probably missing out!37094900_10157249396172069_2538177057477623808_o

  1.  You spent every weekday of the school year with these people, and whether you like it or not, they had some impact on who you are today.37150900_10157249391267069_114224603697512448_n
  2. You’ll get to see your best friend, that you just don’t get to see enough!37112591_10157249392667069_5267147505820237824_n
  3. Everyone will be surprised by the unexpected person you haven’t seen in over 35 years.37106275_10157249392417069_3625641959118340096_n
  4. Even the exchange student from Brazil showed up for the party.  37130315_10157249391437069_1257980708224237568_n
  5. Guaranteed fun with your favorite people in the world!37095157_10157249391047069_3750223090471141376_n
  6. You might even find out that your ancestors knew about your beautiful home town, long before you did!37145287_10157249391617069_7938141934390870016_n
  7. Some people just never age!37118482_10157249391027069_2477411336187805696_n
  8. Having the big party at a place you had your 6th grade play…  priceless!

I think I hugged every single person that walked through those doors…  My face hurt by the end of the night, from smiling so big.  A great time was had by all!

Bottom line…  This is just seriously one very fine bunch of people that I grew up with!