It’s been 18 years since I’ve gotten the “ALL CLEAR”, and I’m happy to say there’s no signs of my cancer recurring…  But everytime I turn a corner, there’s someone new out there heading into the cancer center for treatments.  That word has just become a part of life around here.  So, here’s a few thoughts I have running through my brain on the subject.

  • Chemo sucks… it’s rough.  It’s poison.  But it’s treatment.  In many cases, it works.  In some cases it doesn’t work.  If you have a friend going through it… BE THERE FOR THEM.  (Yes Mike, if you need me to come over and mow your lawn, I will…)
  • Radiation…  It’s just exhausting, even though it doesn’t hit you right away.  Again, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
  • Cancer isn’t always a death sentence.  They’ve come a long way with many types of cancers, but not long enough with others.
  • Every cancer has a different make up.  There is no one magic cure.  But I sure wish there was.  I wish Marijuana really did kill cancer cells.  But the fact is, every cancer is different.  Although I do feel like its a huge help with the side effects from chemo, radiation, etc…
  • Oncologists typically aren’t the most personable people.  But when you find a good one, you need them to be point blank about everything.  It’s not necessary to be their best friend.
  • Oncology nurses are amazing.  Enough said!
  • Everytime someone I know looses someone to a cancer battle, I get a huge empty ache in my heart.  (That goes to a few people I know lately…)
  • Once you survive cancer, you are a part of an elite group of truly blessed people.  You learn who your friends are, that is for sure!
  • Donation’s to organizations that fight cancer are a good thing.  My personal favorite organization is the Munson Healthcare Regional Foundation that supports the Cowell Family Treatment Center in Traverse City, Michigan.  It’s local for Northern Michigan.  The money stays in our community.  The staff is very supportive and professional.

Yes… Unfortunately, today I have that terrible heartache for the second time this week.  But at the same time, I know that people are fighting this disease with all they have.  Someday, “that word” needs to be history…  gone… forever.  I hope that happens.

So I remind myself, once again…  18 years… WOW!  I am blessed.  I have hope…. TONS of hope.  Now I’m going home to hug my doggie as hard as I can.


4 thoughts on “This thing called cancer…

  1. What an absolutely articulate description of what cancer can be like for those who suffer with this dreaded diagnosis! Thanks for sharing, Tracey!

  2. Tracey has been one of my biggest supporters and friends through my current battle. She helps me with advice, support, experiences and most of all friendship. I will never forget and we will celebrate soon! Thank you for everything:) And yes I finally mowed the yard

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