This weekend marked the 35th Reunion of the Elk Rapids High School Class of 1983.  Wow… what a great party of the best people!  So… you may think you don’t want to attend your next class reunion, but think again, because you are probably missing out!37094900_10157249396172069_2538177057477623808_o

  1.  You spent every weekday of the school year with these people, and whether you like it or not, they had some impact on who you are today.37150900_10157249391267069_114224603697512448_n
  2. You’ll get to see your best friend, that you just don’t get to see enough!37112591_10157249392667069_5267147505820237824_n
  3. Everyone will be surprised by the unexpected person you haven’t seen in over 35 years.37106275_10157249392417069_3625641959118340096_n
  4. Even the exchange student from Brazil showed up for the party.  37130315_10157249391437069_1257980708224237568_n
  5. Guaranteed fun with your favorite people in the world!37095157_10157249391047069_3750223090471141376_n
  6. You might even find out that your ancestors knew about your beautiful home town, long before you did!37145287_10157249391617069_7938141934390870016_n
  7. Some people just never age!37118482_10157249391027069_2477411336187805696_n
  8. Having the big party at a place you had your 6th grade play…  priceless!

I think I hugged every single person that walked through those doors…  My face hurt by the end of the night, from smiling so big.  A great time was had by all!

Bottom line…  This is just seriously one very fine bunch of people that I grew up with!

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