I love finding out of the way places to eat that have all the elements of a good down home eatery! Tomasso’s Restaurant gets my vote for pick of the week, while I’m remotely working from New York’s Southern Tier Region.

What I ate… Bruschetta Chicken Alfredo. The pasta was perfect… the sauce was delightful, mingled with a nice olive oil and balsamic bruschetta layered over the top.

My verdict on this dish… it was a party in my mouth! So I broke the low carb rules, but how could anyone not love this dish. I hear the Marsala is every bit as wonderful. Worth every bite… but no room for dessert.

The view… the drive along the Bluffed banks of the Chemung River offered breathtaking views on the way out to the restaurant. Then sun started going down during dinner, creating an amazing silhouette of the lush golf course. I seriously wish I had my camera with me! Next visit.. I won’t forget that camera.

So… Tomasso’s Restaurant and it’s Italian American menu may just be a great option for our company Christmas party this year!

Check it out at https://www.tomassosrestaurant.com!

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