It’s something that happens the last weekend in April every year… like clockwork!  Yes, folks… the first festival of the season UpNorth is officially underway.  The 82nd National Trout Festival in Kalkaska, MI, happens all weekend!

Trout Friday is somewhat like homecoming… Oh heck, that’s exactly what it is!  Any establishment that you may frequent this evening may be filled with Native Kalkaskian’s having a great time.

The places to be seen:

  1.  The KalHo Lounge…  Kalkaska’s original, longest standing establishment for cocktails, great pizza, and beer bucket specials!
  2. Trout Town Tavern and Eatery…  This place makes my hungry just thinking about it!  My favorite is the UpNorth Salad, but they have some wonderful barbeque dishes that will make your tummy very happy!
  3. The UpNorth Grill… aka, the Fireball Lounge, aka Whitetails…  This is where happy hour starts.  Go early so you can find a spot at the bar!  The place will be packed.
  4. The carnival… who can resist the rides, and the carnival food?  I hear there’s a pizza truck that is totally OFF THE HOOK…  And did I mention the Gibby’s Fries trailer is onsite?  Now that has “Northern Michigan Tradition” all over it!
  5. The big parade on Saturday!  They actually close down US-131 for the big parade.  It’s a great way to celebrate Trout season, and the beginning of Spring!
  6. The trout pond…  Make your way down to the trout pond and see how big of a fish you can catch…  It’s what its all about!

Don’t be afraid of this great little Northern Michigan town!  It’s not as bad as the news makes it sound.  There are some fun people to meet around this town that I work in!

… and while I won’t make it to Trout Friday festivities this year… I guarantee, from past experiences, its a gooooood time!

Meanwhile, I will be off to another favorite little town tomorrow, Bellaire, MI, for Short’s Brewing Company’s 14th Anniversary party…  Stay tuned for pictures and story’s, because there’s another great place to be!

This is what happens when the snow melts, and we can make it out of our houses!


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