Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten…  if you think you are interested in operating a drone, buy a $30.00 one first!

My original intent was to share beautiful drone footage out and around Northern Michigan.  So I followed the advice I got from my real estate continuing education, and got a $30.00 drone (A Syma X5C) with a little camera on it, just to practice with.  It’s light and pretty much indestructible.  BUT…  then you turn it on, and put that baby into motion, and wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…  away it goes!  Quickly, I got it under control, and practice turns and forward backward motions…  Then the wind picked up, and carried it into… THE REALLY DEEP SNOW!   Crash!   I look down at my feet, and decided to go retrieve it, as fast as my flip flops could carry me.   Crunch crunch crunch… all the way to the little toy and back…  I suffered a bit of an ice cream headache by the time I got back to dry land!

Try #2…  This time I fired it up just a little more slowly, thinking I had better control of it.  The higher it went, the faster it zipped around, until ZINGGGGGGGGG….  It crashed into my roof…  at which point I pulled my ladder out of the garage and retrieved it off the roof.   Pretty nice view from up there!

At that point, I decided to wait a day, let the poor thing rest, and try again tomorrow.

So I got home from work last night, did a few chores around the house… and then decided to go back out and give it another whirl.

It was going pretty well, and I was getting more confidence in controlling the little quad copter, so I decided to go a bit higher.  Yes, the wind caught it once again, and wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. away it went, so I tried to circle it back towards me, and CRASH…  right into a group of trees!  So I crunched my way back through the knee deep snow to see where it landed.

It didn’t land on the ground!  I looked up at this tall pine, as I hit the control switch… wizzzzz…. there it was, stuck way up high in the branches.  Wizzzzzz wizzzz whizzz…..  It wasn’t moving an inch!  So I tried the ol’ shake the tree trick, with no luck.

So my poor little $30.00 drone spent the night (and probably the rest of its life) about 30 foot up in a tree.  Glad I didn’t buy a $500.00 drone right out of the gate!

Next purchase… a chain saw!  (Just kidding!)


2 thoughts on “My first drone adventure…

  1. My best advice is check your weather app and don’t practice with winds over 5mph. The low cost drones do not have a return to home gps capability so while hand controlling the little beast it important to keep it fairly low until you have a better feel for how it’s effected by the breez. Try working on landing in one spot…. not the tree….lol

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