This morning, while I sat back enjoying my coffee with my winter view, I watched “Face the Nation”.  There were students from Parkland High School, who were in the school during the mass shooting, voicing their opinions about gun control. These students have something legitimate to say!  I can’t imagine being one of the students in the school during the shooting.  Now keep an open mind, no matter what side of the debate you are on, because the country is now demanding action, instead of thoughts and prayers.   (Note to self… there is already some hokey information going around on social media about how many mass shootings have happened this year so far…)

  1.  While you have a right to guns, they do have a right to live… the pursuit of happiness, so the story goes!
  2. They are not out to disarm the country, they just want tighter restrictions on assault weapons. (Can you bear hunt with an AR15???  Is it necessary???)  One of the student’s speaking has a father who is a police officer, and owns guns.  Personally, I know a lot of sport hunters, who might find hunting with an AR15 rather unsportsmanlike.  Not to mention, the next sweet little deer that tries to munch down my freshly planted garden this spring may find themselves in a frying pan next fall during hunting season, without much argument from me.
  3. Some politicians say that more gun control laws won’t help…  How do they know this if they don’t investigate the options further?  Yes, there is a black market on guns… that’s an illegal black market.  There are laws for that which need to be enforced.  Criminals will always be able to get guns…  But is that just a bad excuse to sit by and do nothing?
  4. Nikolas Cruz has been on the FBI’s radar long before the shootings.  He was even expelled from Parkland High School.  He legally purchased the AR15 with no problems.  What’s going on with that?
  5. The family Cruz lived with kept their guns and ammunition under lock and key.  He apparently was sneaky enough to keep his own key to get access to the AR15 without their family’s knowledge.  He put their lives, and their children’s lives in danger… all because they were good hearted enough to step up and help him.  His mother had passed away of pneumonia the prior year.  Where was the rest of his real family?  I feel like something was missed in his upbringing.  Sorry, but it had to be said.  Did someone fail him along the way in his childhood?
  6. If I owned an AR15 for personal protection… kept it loaded next to my bed at night, and someone broke into my house, I’d hate to think that my dog might get hit.  I think I would opt for a hand gun, or maybe even a tazer.  (I guess now you will think twice before breaking into my house while I’m asleep!)  If I did choose an AR15 or something similar, no matter if it looked like a hunting rifle or an assault rifle, I would expect to go through extensive training and background checks to obtain and use it.

Those are valid points I came up with while listening to these students.  I’m trying to keep an open mind here, and I would like to open this up for debate (with real solutions, not name calling or arguing).

Let’s try to come up with some real solutions and encourage our country to combat such tragic events.

Please feel free to join in on the comments, but have a valid argument, and don’t be a name caller.  This isn’t about “snowflakes or rednecks”… its about human lives, family values, mental health care, and access to automatic assault weapons.  No one really wants “The Terminator” to come in and open fire anywhere.

In closing… imagine if this happened in your local schools where it involved your children, and their close friends, and families.  It can happen, and it has happened.  We need to step it up and stop ignoring signs that are right there in front of us.

Thanks for keeping an open mind.


Your favorite confused moderate conservative!


4 thoughts on “My curiousity gets to me! :) Join in the debate no matter what side you are on… But please have a valid argument.

  1. Background checks, waiting periods, I can’t imagine why an automatic weapon would be available to the average citizen. I am not a gun person, but I am not anti-gun, just no guns in my home. I lived in Wyoming where I saw deer who starved to death on the side of the mountains. It’s horrific. I feel hunting is necessary, but not for me. I hope the voices of the kids work this time to get some changes done. Kids should not be afraid to go to school and parents shouldn’t have to worry about them coming home.


  2. I am trying to figure out the obsession with assault rifles? Okay we ban only the scary guns based on the moral compass of elected officials. Does it make it fit everyone moral compass better if the next school shooting only 10 kids get killed because he took a deer rifle into the school? I know that a Remington Nylon 66 .22 carries 14 shells in it, is a semi automatic firearm (same as an AR15) and is use for hunting small game. The AR model that was used in the shooting was NOT an automatic firearm, these require a special permit. Neither firearm no less deadly than the other… AR15s and the like are used simply for target practicing, competitive shooting, and hunting varmint: Prairie Dogs, Bobcats and Coyotes.

    I am going to get on my soapbox for a second. Since the rise of the internet our society has increasingly desensitized and lost how to be a human. We are more likely to write something in an email or post something on social media that you would not say to them in person. Much of issue is without voice communications it is hard to tell where the person is coming from or what they really meant. We’ve become someone on the other end of a computer who identity has been .com, hashtag or @ surname. We’ve lost the art of being a human being by not recognizing others as being someones sibling, spouse, brother, sister, mother, father and etc. We’ve lost compassion for each other.

    Fact is assault rifles have been around since WWI…back in the day you could mail order firearms. I usually had a rifle and shells in the back of my trunk in the school parking lot during hunting season, yet I never felt compelled to shoot up the school. There were others that did the same.

    There are these people that have no morality or have played one too many video games. Life does not have a restart button. I am all about finding a solution to this problem but you cant regulate morality in people and banning firearms only changes the method of the next killer.

    Personally, I feel the instant access to news and the media sensationalizing everything; gives mentally unstable people ideas how to carry out these terrible acts. Where before you had to read about tragic issues like this in the paper. I find it interesting no one holds the media accountable for selling papers at the expense of others misfortune and potentially affecting the outcome of a trial. Don Henley really was onto something when he wrote Dirty Laundry. I can’t even watch the news because it churns my stomach from the content alone and each media outlets blatant news agenda.

    In closing my personal opinion is that we can start banning firearms but I feel like we’ll be putting a band-aid on the problem and the politicians will look busy but not really doing anything.


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