Today there’s a protest going down in this small town that I work in.  What’s it really all about?  The Sieting Hotel, in downtown Kalkaska, MI, currently has a sign up that says “Pray for Trump”.  This I understand.  I see no problem with the sign asking to pray for the President of the United States.  However, the owner of the building, and Kalkaska’s Own Village President, Jeff Sieting, has a number of posts on his Facebook page regarding the killing of Muslims, thinning the herd of Black Live’s Matter, etcetera.    His Facebook page is purposely public, NOT PRIVATE.  We all know that these pages can be set to allow only certain audience members to view posts.

So… with that in mind…  We all have that freedom of speech, no matter what our position is.  However, as a public official, Jeff Sieting has purposely endangered his community by publicizing his opinions on his Facebook page.  As a result, several thousand people are coming into this small community, which has a limited police force, to protest his opinions, and to express that he is not a good representative of Kalkaska.  In return, another group is planning an opposition protest to support Mr. Sieting, as a US citizen with 1st Amendment Rights.  This public debate has split the town, and created a “Snowflake’s vs Redneck’s” attitude.  There’s lots of name calling and disrespect, which is creating the worry of violence coming from all of this.

So what is my opinion?  I do know some of the Sieting family… the members that I know are good hardworking people.  Kalkaska is lucky to have them as members of the community.  Kalkaska is a small town, and the majority of its citizens are amazing people.  They deserve a positive representation in public service for their town.  However, Jeff Sieting has not served the best interest of the community by creating this ridiculous spectacle for his own personal interests.  It’s a great disservice to the Kalkaska Community.

No matter which side anyone stands on in this debate, Kalkaska loses.   Can’t we all just go back to worshiping the Trout and enjoying this beautiful part of Michigan?  So go ahead… let the name calling begin.  I don’t live in Kalkaska.  I do work here… and I have many friends who live and work there. So bottom line in all of this, I guess I’m a Registered Republican, Moderate, snowflake, redneck, with a low tolerance for B.S.  Yep…  I’ll spell it out…  This whole situation that has been created is nothing but B U L L S H I T.

Are there any other names anyone would like to throw in?


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